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Cecil Instruments Ltd is no longer manufacturing new equipment. Parts, spares, consumables and service for your existing Cecil Instruments equipment are now handled by the team here at Cecil Instrumentation Services Ltd. We also provide contracts for regular maintenance and calibration, together with a repair service for your Cecil instrument.

We look forward to serving you. Any enquiries should be sent to us at

The original Cecil Instruments company can still be contacted by email here.


Models handled by Cecil Instrumentation Services

Model Name Description
CE10111000 SERIESVisible Spectrophotometer
CE1011F1000 SERIESVisible Spectrophotometer
CE10211000 SERIESUV/Visible Spectrophotometer
CE1021F1000 SERIESUV/Visible Spectrophotometer
HPLC System 2ADEPTIsocratic Dual-WL Dataprocess
HPLC System 2SADEPTIsocratic Dad Scan
HPLC System 3ADEPTIsocratic Dual-WL Auto
HPLC System 3SADEPTIsocratic Dad Scan Auto
HPLC System 4ADEPTBinary Dual-WL
HPLC System 4SADEPTBinary Dad Scan
HPLC System 5ADEPTTernary Dual-WL
HPLC System 5SADEPTTernary Dad Scan
HPLC System 6ADEPTBinary Dual-WL Auto
HPLC System 6SADEPTBinary Dad Scan Auto
HPLC System 7ADEPTBinary UV-Det
HPLC System 8ADEPTIon Chromatography
HPLC System 9ADEPTRefractive Index
CE4001AQUAQUESTVisible Spectrophotometer
CE4002AQUAQUESTUV/Visible Spectrophotometer
CE4003AQUAQUESTVisible Spectrophotometer
CE4004AQUAQUESTUV/Visible Spectrophotometer
CE7200AQUARIUSUV/Visible Spectrophotometer
CE7210AQUARIUSUV/Visible Spectrophotometer
CE7260AQUARIUSUV/Visible Spectrophotometer
CE7400AQUARIUSUV/Visible Spectrophotometer
CE7400SAQUARIUSUV/Visible Spectrophotometer
CE7410AQUARIUSUV/Visible Spectrophotometer
CE7460AQUARIUSUV/Visible Spectrophotometer
CE7500AQUARIUSUV/Visible Spectrophotometer
CE2011AURIUSVisible Spectrophotometer
CE2021AURIUSUV/Visible Spectrophotometer
CE2031AURIUSVisible Spectrophotometer
CE2041AURIUSUV/Visible Spectrophotometer
CE7250BIO-AQUARIUSUV/Visible Spectrophotometer
CE7450BIO-AQUARIUSUV/Visible Spectrophotometer
CE2501BIOQUESTUV/Visible Spectrophotometer
CE2502BIOQUESTUV/Visible Spectrophotometer
CE2410DIETQUESTVisible Spectrophotometer
CE3410DIETQUESTUV/Visible Spectrophotometer
CE2301GENEQUESTUV Spectrophotometer
CE2302GENEQUESTUV Spectrophotometer
HPLC System C-1IONQUESTIsocratic Ion Chrom
HPLC System C-2IONQUESTIsocratic Ion Chrom Supp
HPLC System C-2BIONQUESTBinary LP Ion Chrom Supp
HPLC System C-3IONQUESTIsocratic Ion Chrom Supp Auto
HPLC System C-3QIONQUESTQuat LP Ion Chrom Supp Auto
HPLC System Q-1Q-ADEPTBinary LP-Mix UV-Det
HPLC System Q-2Q-ADEPTBinary LP-Mix Dual-WL
HPLC System Q-2FQ-ADEPTBinary LP-Mix Fluorescence
HPLC System Q-2SQ-ADEPTBinary LP-Mix Dad Scan
HPLC System Q-3Q-ADEPTBinary LP-Mix Dual-WL Auto
HPLC System Q-3SQ-ADEPTBinary LP-Mix Dad Scan Auto
HPLC System Q-4Q-ADEPTQuat LP-Mix Dual-WL
HPLC System Q-4SQ-ADEPTQuat LP-Mix Dad Scan
HPLC System Q-4VQ-ADEPTQuat LP-Mix UV-Det
HPLC System Q-6Q-ADEPTQuat LP-Mix Dual-WL Auto
HPLC System Q-6CQ-ADEPTQuat LP-Mix Dual-WL Auto Int
HPLC System Q-6SQ-ADEPTQuat LP-Mix Dad Scan Auto
HPLC System Q-6SCQ-ADEPTQuat LP-Mix Dad Scan Auto Int
CE3055REFLECTASCANUV/Visible Spectrophotometer
CE9200SUPER AQUARIUSUV/Visible Spectrophotometer
CE9260SUPER AQUARIUSUV/Visible Spectrophotometer
CE9500SUPER AQUARIUSUV/Visible Spectrophotometer
CE9560SUPER AQUARIUSUV/Visible Spectrophotometer
CE3021SUPER AURIUSUV/Visible Spectrophotometer
CE3041SUPER AURIUSUV/Visible Spectrophotometer


Approved components and sub-assemblies available from Cecil Instrumentation Services for Cecil Instruments equipment.

  Part No. Description
Cecil Instruments0101 07 255MM RECTANGULAR CELLS WITH LIDS
Cecil Instruments0101 07 2610mm RECTANGULAR CELL WITH LID
Cecil Instruments0101 07 2940MM RECTANGULAR CELL WITH LID
Cecil Instruments0101 07 3310MM MICROCELL WITH LID
Cecil Instruments0101 07 3610mm RECT.CELLS WITH STOPPERS
Cecil Instruments0101 07 4510MM SEMI M/C WITH LIDS
Cecil Instruments0101 07 5210MM MAN FLOWCELL
Cecil Instruments0101 77 2940MM RECT.CELLS WITH LIDS M/PA
Cecil Instruments0101 77 4510MM SEMI MICRO CELL
Cecil Instruments0202 04 07SAMPLE LENS SPECTROSIL B
Cecil Instruments0202 07 0110mm SIPETTE FLOWCELL 30uL
Cecil Instruments0202 07 0210mm SIPETTE FLOW CELL 70uL
Cecil Instruments0202 07 0440MM P.L. SIL CELL SIP SYSTEM
Cecil Instruments0202 07 0910mm AUTO ANALYSER FLOWCELL
Cecil Instruments0202 07 125MM MICRO FLOW THROUGH CELL
Cecil Instruments0202 07 255MM RECTANGULAR CELL 1.3ML
Cecil Instruments0202 07 405MM SEMI M/C WITH LIDS S/MASKI
Cecil Instruments0202 07 4220MM SEMI MICROCELL SELF MASK
Cecil Instruments0202 07 5010MM MICRO FLOW THROUGH CELL
Cecil Instruments0202 07 5120MM MICRO FLOW THROUGH CELL
Cecil Instruments0202 07 6010MM LOW VOL.MANUAL FLOWCELL
Cecil Instruments0202 07 612MM MANUAL FLOWCELLS
Cecil Instruments0202 07 71100mm RECTANGULAR CELL 25mL
Cecil Instruments0202 07 790.5MM TAB.DISS.FLOW CELLS
Cecil Instruments0202 07 801MM CONTINUOUS FLOW MICROCELL
Cecil Instruments0202 07 8740MM LOW VOLUME FLOWCELL
Cecil Instruments0202 43 01MIRROR MgFl LAMPHOUSE
Cecil Instruments0202 77 242MM RECT.CELLS WITH LIDS
Cecil Instruments0202 77 3810MM RECT.CELLS WITH LIDS - PAIR
Cecil Instruments0202 77 4640MM SEMI MICROCELL MATCHED
Cecil Instruments0202 77 8310MM CONT.FLOW M/CELL MATCHED
Cecil Instruments0202 77 8310MM CONT.FLOW M/CELL MATCHED
Cecil Instruments0203 07 0110MM P.L.M/SIPETTE LOW VOL F/C
Cecil Instruments0203 07 0110MM P.L.M/SIPETTE LOW VOL F/C
Cecil Instruments0203 07 0210mm 8OuL M/SIPP. LOW VOL F.C.
Cecil Instruments0203 07 055MM M/SIPETTE CELL NEW TYPE
Cecil Instruments0212 48 01LC CELL BODY 10MM PATH LENGTH
Cecil Instruments0212 48 02LC CELL END PLUGS
Cecil Instruments0212 48 10THIN PTFE WASHER 10uL FLOWCELL
Cecil Instruments0245 36 03PLATINUM RESIST TEMP SENSOR
Cecil Instruments0292 60 03MAINS ROCKER SWITCH
Cecil Instruments0292 61 12FUSE 500mA 20mm Q/B GLASS
Cecil Instruments0303 01 32FUSE HOLDER 20mm 10A PANEL MOU
Cecil Instruments0303 04 14LENS RETAINING SPRING 15mm
Cecil Instruments0303 07 0110mm SIPETTE FLOW CELL 30uL
Cecil Instruments0303 07 0440MM 28 OUL L.V. M/S F/C GLASS
Cecil Instruments0303 07 0910MM PL HELMA TYPE 179 CELL
Cecil Instruments0303 07 255MM RECTANGULAR CELL 1.3ML
Cecil Instruments0303 07 5550MM P.L.MANUAL FLOWCELLS
Cecil Instruments0303 09 07MIRROR MOUNTING STUD
Cecil Instruments0303 12 27SPRING ENTEX REF 507
Cecil Instruments0303 14 20CAM.ARM RET.TEN SPRING
Cecil Instruments0303 18 02ENTRANCE SLIT MOUNT
Cecil Instruments0303 18 04MIRROR PILLAR
Cecil Instruments0303 18 05EXIT MIRROR PILLAR
Cecil Instruments0303 20 07KBPC 10.02 BRIDGE RECTIFIER
Cecil Instruments0303 20 12SPADE CONNECTOR .25in RED INSUL
Cecil Instruments0303 33 01FILTER HOLDER
Cecil Instruments0303 77 3310MM MICROCELL MATCHED
Cecil Instruments0303 77 3810MM MICROCELL SELF MASK MATCH
Cecil Instruments0303 77 445MM SEMI M/CELLS WITH LIDS MAT
Cecil Instruments0343 02 01TEST TUBE HOLDER BRACKET
Cecil Instruments0404 10 02LENS RETAINING SPRING 24mm
Cecil Instruments0503 26 00ADJ.SINGLE 10MM CELL HOLDER
Cecil Instruments0505 01 11SHORT MIRROR MOUNTING STUD
Cecil Instruments0505 04 16WINDOW UV
Cecil Instruments0505 11 05ENTEX NO 6 SPRING
Cecil Instruments0588 66 06KBU4G BRIDGE RECTIFIER
Cecil Instruments0594 33 01SMALL FILTER HOLDER
Cecil Instruments0594 33 02HOLMIUM FILTER
Cecil Instruments0594 33 03DIDYMIUM FILTER
Cecil Instruments0594 33 04FILTER RETAINING CLIP
Cecil Instruments0594 33 090.25A NEUTRAL DENSITY FILTER
Cecil Instruments0594 33 100.5A NEUTRAL DENSITY FILTER
Cecil Instruments0594 33 111.0A NEUTRAL DENSITY FILTER
Cecil Instruments0594 33 121.5A NEUTRAL DENSITY FILTER
Cecil Instruments0594 33 132.0A NEUTRAL DENSITY FILTER
Cecil Instruments0594 33 142.7A NEUTRAL DENSITY FILTER
Cecil Instruments0594 54 00STD.4 POS.10MM CELL HOLDER
Cecil Instruments1010 01 04LAMP INSULATING BLOCK
Cecil Instruments1010 04 07SAMPLE LENS GLASS
Cecil Instruments1010 10 04SOURCE LENS GLASS
Cecil Instruments1010 16 20FILTER DISK SUB ASSEMBLY
Cecil Instruments1010 23 02S1226-8BK SILICON PHOTODIODE
Cecil Instruments1010 24 004 POS CELL HLDR FOR MAN CHANGR
Cecil Instruments1010 33 00SINGLE CELL WATER THERM.HOLDER
Cecil Instruments1010 34 00FOUR CELL CHANGER (MANUAL)
Cecil Instruments1010 36 05CELL RETAINING SPRING
Cecil Instruments1010 38 00UNIV.RECTANGULAR CELL HOLDER
Cecil Instruments1010 39 00HOLDER FOR CYLINDRICAL CELLS
Cecil Instruments1011 01 06MAINS INLET FILTER
Cecil Instruments1011 24 00PHOTODIODE INTERF 8nm VIS
Cecil Instruments1011 57 00CONTROL PANEL 1000
Cecil Instruments1011 57 00CONTROL PANEL 1000
Cecil Instruments1011 66 00POWER SUPPLY ASSY
Cecil Instruments1011 80 90MPU 1000 SERIES
Cecil Instruments1015 66 00POWER SUPPLY (VISIBLE)
Cecil Instruments1021 24 00PHOTODIODE INTERF 8nm UV/VIS
Cecil Instruments1021 71 00SERIAL LEAD 9F TO 25M
Cecil Instruments1100 02 07PURGE VALVE O-RING SEAL
Cecil Instruments1100 05 01MAINS SELECTOR SWITCH
Cecil Instruments1100 11 02"PISTON ROD 1/8"" (CERAMIC)"
Cecil Instruments1100 20 03GASKET SET
Cecil Instruments1100 20 07CHECK VALVE UNIT
Cecil Instruments1100 20 08SAPPHIRE SEAT
Cecil Instruments1100 20 09RUBY BALL
Cecil Instruments1100 20 10PISTON SEAL BALSEAL
Cecil Instruments1100 20 11DRVE.BELT 3205351010
Cecil Instruments1100 20 136207570050 SAPPHIRE BKG RING
Cecil Instruments1100 21 06DRIVE BELT 3205351020 (SMALL)
Cecil Instruments1100 22 03CAP TUBING PTFE 1.7mm ID
Cecil Instruments1100 23 01S.S.CAP TUBING 10 THOU.
Cecil Instruments1100 23 02S.S.CAP TUBING 20 THOU.
Cecil Instruments1100 24 02"FERRULE 1/16"" S.S."
Cecil Instruments1100 24 03SWAGELOK NUT S.S. 102.1
Cecil Instruments1100 24 06MALE NUT SS 1F2-IGC
Cecil Instruments1100 24 07BACK FERRULE SS-104-1
Cecil Instruments1100 24 08FRONT FERRULE SS-103-1
Cecil Instruments1100 24 09DYNASEAL ST.ST.BUSHING
Cecil Instruments1100 24 10SPLIT GROOVED FERRULES
Cecil Instruments1100 24 11POLYMER FERRULE
Cecil Instruments1100 26 04"VALCO MALE NUT 1/16"""
Cecil Instruments1100 26 05"VALCO FERRULE 1/16"""
Cecil Instruments1100 27 04CERAMIC BALL AND INSERT
Cecil Instruments1100 30 03GASKET SET
Cecil Instruments1100 52 04SAMPLE LOOP 50uL 7725 RHEO.V
Cecil Instruments1110 02 01MOTOR RS 332-802
Cecil Instruments1200 05 06CAP 680uF 250V
Cecil Instruments1200 07 00CELL HOLDER ASSEMBLY
Cecil Instruments1200 15 05LAMP HOLDER INSULATION BLOCK**
Cecil Instruments1200 34 05SILICA GEL BAG
Cecil Instruments1200 48 04SPECTROSIL B L.C. WINDOW
Cecil Instruments1201 55 07LCD MODULE 4 LINE X 20 CHAR
Cecil Instruments1201 74 078 WAY COMBICON SKT CABLE MOUNT
Cecil Instruments1201 80 00KMPU HPLC [1201 80 90]
Cecil Instruments2010 24 004 POST CELL HOLDR. FOR AUTO CH
Cecil Instruments2010 38 00SA SIPETTE CELL HOLDER
Cecil Instruments2020 03 24BLACK RIBBON FOR M160 PRINTER*
Cecil Instruments2020 03 25PAPER ROLL 57.5W X 50 DIA.
Cecil Instruments2020 13 02STEP MOTOR 30:1 GEARBOX
Cecil Instruments2020 15 06CAM SPINDLE
Cecil Instruments2020 16 06FILTER BLUE BG3
Cecil Instruments2020 16 07FILTER SKYBLUE BG39
Cecil Instruments2020 16 08FILTER RED OG570
Cecil Instruments2020 16 09FILTER SKYBLUE BG38
Cecil Instruments2020 16 14FILTER BLUE UG11
Cecil Instruments2020 16 20FILTER DISK SUB ASSEMBLY
Cecil Instruments2020 17 02DETECTOR SPHERICAL MIRROR
Cecil Instruments2020 17 03DETECTOR FLAT MIRROR
Cecil Instruments2020 20 01CAP 47mF 16V ELEC.
Cecil Instruments2020 23 02S1226-8BQ SILICON PHOTODIODE
Cecil Instruments2020 31 20THERMOELECTRIC 10MM CELL HLDR.
Cecil Instruments2020 39 00ULTRA MICROCELL HOLDER
Cecil Instruments2020 43 00LAMPHOUSE C/O BLOCK ASSEMBLY
Cecil Instruments2020 45 01SOURCE LENS SPECTROSIL B
Cecil Instruments2020 83 00RS232 LEAD SB TO 9 PIN IBM-AT
Cecil Instruments2021 21 01STEP MOTOR 200:3 GEARBOX
Cecil Instruments2021 24 00PHOTODIODE INTERF UV/VIS
Cecil Instruments2021 34 004 CELL CHANGER AUTOMATIC
Cecil Instruments2021 57 00CONTROL PANEL 2000
Cecil Instruments2041 25 01MAINS TRANSFORMER
Cecil Instruments2202 01 42DEUTERIUM LAMP
Cecil Instruments2301 57 00CONTROL PANEL 2300
Cecil Instruments2301 66 00POWER SUPPLY D2 ONLY
Cecil Instruments2303 01 40TUNGSTEN HALOGEN LAMP 2945 12 V
Cecil Instruments2303 34 05BLUE SILICA GEL BAG
Cecil Instruments3020 50 02"FLEX STRIP 7"" 14-WAY NOMEX"
Cecil Instruments3021 01 02TERMINAL BLOCK 3-WAY CERAMIC
Cecil Instruments3021 01 04LAMP SPRING RETAINER
Cecil Instruments3021 24 00PHOTODIODE INTERF 1.8nm UV/VIS
Cecil Instruments3021 24 00XPHOTODIODE INTERF
Cecil Instruments3021 50 00DISPLAY SCREEN ASSEMBLY
Cecil Instruments3021 50 01LCD DISPLAY EW32F00-NMW
Cecil Instruments3021 57 00CONTROL PANEL 3000
Cecil Instruments3021 92 00SER RIBBON CABLE ASSEMBLY
Cecil Instruments3021 94 00PAR RIBBON CABLE ASSEMBLY
Cecil Instruments3021 96 00ADC RIBBON CABLE ASSEMBLY
Cecil Instruments3021 97 00ACC RIBBON CABLE ASSEMBLY
Cecil Instruments4000 37 008 CELL AUTOCHANGER
Cecil Instruments4100 01 10SWITCH MODE PSU 36V 50W
Cecil Instruments4100 02 05STEP MOTOR 1.8deg 2.0A
Cecil Instruments4100 02 06BELT 152 TOOTH T2.5
Cecil Instruments4100 02 07PURGE VALVE O-RING
Cecil Instruments4100 08 01SYRINGE 10mL PLASTIC
Cecil Instruments4100 11 02"PISTON ROD 1/8"" (SAPHIRE)"
Cecil Instruments4100 11 05O-RING SET
Cecil Instruments4100 32 02SYRINGE 10uL
Cecil Instruments4100 32 04SYRINGE 50uL
Cecil Instruments4100 51 05SAMPLE LOOP 100uL PEEK
Cecil Instruments4100 52 07SAMPLE LOOP 500uL S.S.
Cecil Instruments4100 55 00CONTROL PANEL PUMP
Cecil Instruments4100 74 00PUMP INTERFACE BOARD
Cecil Instruments4104 06 06PLUG 1/4in FLAT BOTTOM
Cecil Instruments4104 23 10FEP NAT TUBING 1/8in OD 1/16in ID
Cecil Instruments4104 23 11TUBE FITTING 1/8in BLACK DELRIN
Cecil Instruments4104 23 12TUBE FERRULE 1/8in NATURAL EFTE
Cecil Instruments4104 31 00SOLENOID DRIVE BOARD
Cecil Instruments4150 06 01PEEK TUBE 10 THOU ID
Cecil Instruments4150 06 02PEEK TUBE 20 THOU ID
Cecil Instruments4150 06 03FINGER TIGHT FITTING (PEEK)
Cecil Instruments4150 06 04HEX HEAD NUT (PEEK)
Cecil Instruments4150 06 05DOUBLE FERRULE FOR PEEK NUT
Cecil Instruments4200 14 32BELT 105 TOOTH
Cecil Instruments4200 14 34STEP MOTOR 7.5deg
Cecil Instruments4200 14 36STEP MOTOR 1.8deg 1.7A
Cecil Instruments4200 25 01TOROIDAL TRANSFORMER 50VA
Cecil Instruments4200 55 00CONTROL PANEL
Cecil Instruments4200 66 00MONITOR POWER SUPPLY
Cecil Instruments4200 75 00KMONITOR INTERFACE
Cecil Instruments4200 89 00DETECTOR TO TWO PUMPS CABLE
Cecil Instruments4300 23 00DETECTOR PHOTODIODE BOARD
Cecil Instruments4600 01 05PELTIER RC12-4-01LS
Cecil Instruments4601 01 08SWITCH MODE PSU 12V 60W
Cecil Instruments4601 02 11TERRY CLIP 6mm 90-08
Cecil Instruments4601 91 01SOLVENT DETECTOR
Cecil Instruments4620 74 00COLUMN OVEN INTERFACE BOARD
Cecil Instruments4700 01 10SWITCH MODE PSU 24V 20W
Cecil Instruments4700 55 00CONTROL PANEL RI DETECTOR
Cecil Instruments4710 13 01SWITCH MODE PSU +5V +12V -12V
Cecil Instruments4710 23 00CONDUCTIVITY FRONT END BOARD
Cecil Instruments4800 03 20BELT 80 TOOTH
Cecil Instruments4800 03 21BELT 132 TOOTH
Cecil Instruments4800 03 22STEP MOTOR LINEAR 75mm
Cecil Instruments4800 12 01VIAL 2mL AMBER CAP&SEPTUM
Cecil Instruments4800 21 10NEEDLE ASSEMBLY
Cecil Instruments4800 21 23RHEODYNE FITTINGS SET
Cecil Instruments4800 80 00KMPU AUTOSAMPLER
Cecil Instruments4901 83 00SERIAL LEAD 9F TO 9F
Cecil Instruments5500 01 54FUSE 5A 20mm A/S GLASS
Cecil Instruments5500 01 55FUSE 6.3A Q/B
Cecil Instruments5500 01 56FUSE 3.15A A/S HRC
Cecil Instruments5500 34 00STD.6 POS.20MM CELL HOLDER
Cecil Instruments5500 36 15WATER TH.6 X 10MM CELL HOLDER
Cecil Instruments5505 01 22FUSE 2A 20mm CERAMIC
Cecil Instruments6600 57 00SINGLE MICROCELL HOLDER
Cecil Instruments7200 01 45DUST COVER 7200 SERIES
Cecil Instruments7200 04 05DETECTOR LENS
Cecil Instruments7400 13 01PULLEY 20 T Special 4mm BORE
Cecil Instruments7400 13 03BELT 175 TOOTH
Cecil Instruments7400 31 00THERMOELECTRIC CONTROLLER
Cecil Instruments7500 23 00XPHOTODIODE INTERF DUAL
Cecil Instruments8000 76 03USB TO RS232 ADAPTOR
Cecil Instruments8020 45 02SOURCE LENS SPECTRASIL
Cecil Instruments8020 47 00BEAM MODULATOR
Cecil Instruments8020 56 00THERMOELECTRIC SINGLE 10mm CEL
Cecil Instruments8020 80 23LCD BACKLIGHT INVERTER
Cecil Instruments8021 55 00CONTROL PANEL D/B
Cecil Instruments8021 80 90KMPU SB/DB [8021 80 90]
Cecil Instruments9020 66 11PULSE TRANSFORMER
Cecil Instruments9020 80 21M48T08-150PC1 TIMEKEEPER & SRA
Cecil Instruments9020 80 59EPROM 512K x8 100ns
Cecil Instruments9020 80 76LITHIUM BATTERY 3.7V 1/2 AA
Cecil Instruments9021 66 00POWER SUPPLY WITH D2
Cecil Instruments9070 31 01STEP MOTOR 80:1 GEARBOX
Cecil Instruments9070 34 006 CELL CHANGER CARRIAGE
Cecil Instruments9070 47 00BEAM MODULATOR

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